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Monday, November 18, 2019

Monthly Newsletter

Mount Baker Baptist Association Newsletter

September, 2019 

From DOM John Hobson

It is mind boggling how the electronic innovations that are constantly being developed to save us time, energy and increase our ability to communicate are totally dominating our time and undermining our ability to converse with each other. It seems like the harder we run to catch up with technology the faster the race becomes. Yes, these tools allow each of us to individually accomplish more, however they escalate the pace of our lives to even a faster pace. Every minute of every waking hour seems to be tied to our multimedia device (cell phone, watch, Fitbit or whatever the latest invention). How do we as Christians live a balanced life in light of our electronic world?

A balanced Christian life starts with the right personal relationships. Our number one relationship is with God. Without God’s ongoing love and forgiveness, we have nothing of true value to share with others. Our relationship with others (starting with our family) grows out of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Being loved and forgiven by God liberates us from guilt and enables us to love others. Out of this love for others grows the priorities of our daily life. It is not about just completing tasks; it is about completing tasks in a way that honors God and shares His love with those our lives impact. It takes time to build personal relationships and minister to individuals. With this motivation, technology becomes a useful tool for contacting and ministering to other. Without this motivation, technology becomes a tool for just checking off your duties for the day. Lists are helpful tools to completing tasks but they we must leave room to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

To have time for God’s agenda for our life we need to set personal boundaries on our use and interaction with the electronic world around us. Discuss with your family and set times when everyone is to be unplugged from electronics. Meals, family and personal devotionals, and family gathering are great times to grow closer together without the interference of technology.


Mission Trip: Sports Camp at Westlynn Baptist Church, North Vancouver British Columbia

The week of August 11-16, five people from our association (Brent Frisbee, John & LaJuan Hobson from Valley, Sedro Woolley and Ashley Short and Melissa Howry from Hamilton) went to Westlynn Baptist Church to serve in the Sports Camp, as we do each year. 

This year there were 105 children registered and about 50 adults.  It was a good week, children were introduced to Jesus through His “I AM” statements.  They also enjoyed playing basketball, soccer, baseball and ultimate Frisbee as well as a day of water kickball.  We do not yet have the final count on decisions made but we know that many were introduced to Jesus.

In another exciting development, we were able to meet with the church at Westlynn as they have merged with two other congregations to become a multi-ethnic church.  They now meet as one with a Russian group and an Asian group.  The new pastor is Sam Chua. Sam and his wife, Esther, are committed to God and to growing this church in Westlynn.  Please pray for the church as it makes these transitions and as they reach out to their community.


Attention Church Clerks:  The Annual Church Profile packet will be arriving soon.  Get ready for the report by collecting information about your church year from the appropriate officers.  If you wish to access it online, you may go to and use your church ID number to see the report questions.


Annual Meeting, October 19, 2019, Hamilton First Baptist Church, Hamilton, 9 AM.  Guest Speaker:  Dr. Randy Adams, NWBC Executive Director. You will not want to miss the message Dr. Adams has for us.  We will also have reports on the work of the association. Meeting concludes at noon with lunch provided.


Regional Training for Pastors and Kids Ministry Leaders & Teachers

September 21, 2019 9:00 a.m. to noon, First Baptist Church, 17922 149th St SE, Monroe WA 98272


Staying Safe:

Come learn some strategies for protecting your kids, workers, and church. (Hint: Background checks are not enough!)Discuss: risk factors, grooming, responding to suspected abuse, and ministering well to those living with the aftermath of abuse.

Ashley Seuell, Northwest Baptist Foundation

Disciple Preschoolers and Children

Ideas for preparing, guiding and leading kids in God’s Word

Preschool: Leigh Ann Stark, NWBC Children: Mandy Southern, Richland Baptist Church


Disaster Relief Training

Region 1  Training Event September 20 & 21, 2019 Involved in Southern Baptist Disaster Relief  Mass Feeding I and II First Baptist Church Lakewood  5400 112 St SW Lakewood, WA 98499 

This training will enable you to be added to our volunteer database as well as get qualified to work in our mobile kitchens. Even more important this training will give you skills that can be used to help your church family and community. 

 ISBDR. Friday, September 20, 6pm to 9 pm we will present the introductory class to explain how Southern Baptist Disaster Relief functions.  

 Mass Feeding, Saturday, September 21, 9am to 3pm Mass Feeding will be presented in class and in one of our mobile kitchens for hands on. 

Refreshments will be provided for the Friday class and for the Saturday class a light morning snack and lunch will be provided. 

Costs: $18.00 Background check (if you decide to volunteer after Friday class)             $ 8.00 DR hat, $15.00 DR t-shirt (if available)

If you would like to attend one or both classes, please let us know as soon as possible so we can plan for food.

Contact: Chuck Massena, Region 1 Coordinator, 206-948-2733,


Pastors, Check with John Hobson about Pastor Cluster Groups to begin October 17