Mt Baker Baptist Assoc.
Saturday, June 06, 2020

2020 MBBA Calendar


MBBA 2020 Calendar of Events

Please refer to other announcements from the NWBC and MBBA office as this calendar is subject to change.  Italics are NWBC & SBC events.




1           New Year’s Day (Wednesday)

13        MBBA Executive Board Meeting, Valley, 7 PM



17         President’s Day



1-8       Week of Prayer for North American Missions & Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

8           Daylight Savings Begins

9           MBBA Executive Board, Valley, 7 PM

14         Kids Ministry Regional Training, Lakewood (52 and One VBS)       



4           Kids Ministry Regional Training, NWBC (52 and One VBS)  

12         Easter Sunday

17-18   NW Women's Summit           

20        MBBA Semi-Annual Meeting, 7 PM

24-25   Disaster Relief Roundtable, NWBC

24-25   Student Conference, Pathway Church, Gresham

27-29   Church Planting Retreat, Cannon Beach       



10         Mother’s Day

16        Vacation Bible School Clinic, Hamilton, 10 AM

18-20    Oasis, Seaside, OR

25          Memorial Day



2-4       Leading From the Pulpit, NWBC

9-10     Southern Baptist Convention, Orlando, FL

21        Father’s Day



4           Independence Day (Saturday)

11-16   Centrifuge, Aldersgate

22-8/3  Student Mission Trip, Japan



2-11     Student Mission Trip, Japan

9-14     Mission Trip, Westlynn Baptist Church, N. Vancouver, B.C.



6-13     Week of Prayer for NW Missions & Northwest Impact Offering

7           Labor Day

14        MBBA Executive Board Meeting, Valley, 7 PM

30        Annual Church Profile to be filed or sent to MBBA office



17        MBBA Annual Meeting, 9 AM

19-21   Senior Adult Conference, Cannon Beach



9          Pastor/Layman's Conference, Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound, WA

10        New Challenge Seminar

10-11   Northwest Baptist Convention, Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound, WA

11         Veterans’ Day (Wednesday)

26        Thanksgiving

29-12/6 (Week of Prayer for International Missions/Lottie Moon Christmas Offering)




4          MBBA Pastor/Staff/Wives Christmas Party

25        Christmas (Friday)






Italics indicate NWBC and SBC events